The Story of Seniha.

Seniha-S is a bulk Carrier that was built in 1990, registered owner is Bulk Blacksea Inc.
Seniha-S arrived to Riau Island, Batam, Indonesia in 2010 for engine repair at Paxocean yards.
Due to a financial crisis, the management have decided to keep her In Batam for some time.
On 2016. The owners have learned that a group of Mafia (well known in Batam Island) presented by a former fugitive Mr. Ronald Julianus Umbass and his brother Roy Bawole Novan have created a falsified and fake Power of authority POA (to maintain and take care the ship). believe it was engineered by their lawyer: Mr Indra Raharja, claiming that the Owner / president Director of ship granted them Authority to maintain and take care of the ship `{` POA`}`

Ronald Julianus Umbass took advantage of the law loophole and brought The Power of Authority (POA) to Singapore to be notarized as a “true copy” then legalize the copy at the Indonesian embassy in Singapore, in that case it will be recognized as a legitimate and lawful document for Indonesian courts and police.
Mr. Ronald used that falsified document to create a sales and purchase agreement. Even though it wasn’t stated in the power of Authority.
With the help of Batam Authorities Ronald Julianus Umbass managed to confiscate the ship under a civil case Which it will be brought to Auction or Ownership.
On 2016 the owners learned that Ronald Julianus Umbass and his team was marketing Seniha-s for sale.
the owners have submit a civil lawsuit against all parties and made a police report in Jakarta ( bareskrim).


On November 2017 the owners requested an official permission from the harbormaster to move the ship out of Indonesia.
The ship received port clearance in two occasions but failed to move out due to blockage of mafia and lack of assistance from the Batam Local police lead by deputy Yan fitri, Ronald’s close friend.
Unfortunately, the mafia was stronger than the local government due to long standing in batam.
After providing several urgent requests from the harbormaster of Batam, Director general of Ministry of transportation of Indonesia and Minister ( Mr Budi Karya Sumadi) himself to chief of Indonesian Police but all was DENIED even though all the legal provision were fulfilled as per the shipping regulation number 17 of year 2008 of the Republic of Indonesia

In June 2019, Mr. Frans Tiwow and Roy Bawolle Novan (the Two official players) were named as suspects and on the national police search list (DPO) `{` Link to wanted`}`
And since then, the police never take any serious attempt to arrest the suspects and wanted in order to protect the ship and lawful owners.
However, Mr Ronald Julianus Umbass have managed to counter at owners by a fabricated police report with the help of specific crime department of national police (Tipidter) in Jakarta, accusing owners and harbormaster who released a legitimate port clearance was unlawful by USING THE SAME FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS THAT WAS PROVEN FALSE BY THE GENERAL CRIME DEPARTMENT (TIPIDUM) OF INDOESIAN NATIUONAL POLICE, JUST MONTHS BEFORE.
It was very clear, that the main aim of the mafia and small group of active Police supported by officer name MUHMMAD IMRAN FADIL & YAN FITIR `{` link to behind corruption`}` is to ARREST all people assigned by the real owners for saving and securing the ship, so that Mr. Ronald Julianus Umbass and his brother can take over the ship like the previous ones that was stolen from their owners in batam.
No doubt that such behavior of small group of Police are working very closely with Mafia by direct or indirect by abusing their power to ignore all department who is in charge of shipping and law In Indonesia.
The harbormaster and ship manager were detained and wanted person are hiding in batam.
Later, the Harbor Master and his Manager were announced Not guilty confirmed by the supreme court of Indonesia and ship manager was announced unguilty for the same reason.


While the ship still under confiscation and in process of law, the Mafia led by fugitive Ronald Julianus Umbass has deceive Panama lawyers and managed to delete Seniha-s from Panama registry.

This is the largest scandal ever happened and Indonesian police is not able to arrest or prosecute the Mafia.

We have doubt that this incident could be connected to an international group of mafias.

The above has been carefully written based on real events supported by documents, photos and videos of all parties from more info contact us or see coordination documents.